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Collector/Classic Auto Insurance

Are you a car guy or gal? Do you have an older vehicle that has been restored or customized to above average condition?

Collector/Classic auto insurance is available for older vehicles that are not used as daily transportation, and provides many advantages over placing the vehicle on a regular personal auto policy, including:

Agreed Value: Most regular auto policies will depreciate your vehicle over time, but most collectible vehicles will hold their value or even appreciate over time. With a Collector Auto policy, the vehicle's value is set at the beginning of the policy and will not change unless you want it to. This gives you peace of mind knowing the exact amount of money you will receive if something happens to your baby.

Zero Deductible Coverage: Many collector car policies provide zero deductible physical damage coverage. We know you keep a very close eye on your special ride, but if something unfortunate does happen, we'll get you back on the road fast with no out-of-pocket expense.

Single Liability Premium: If you're lucky enough to have more than one collector vehicle, these policies will only charge one premium for liability, which saves you a bundle.

Spare Parts Coverage: Every car hobbyist usually has backup parts (or extra parts that are hard to find) stored in the garage. Most homeowner's policies exclude coverage for vehicle parts. Collector car policies provide a set limit of protection against the loss or destruction of this important element of your hobby.

Flat Bed Tow Service: If your collector vehicle has a bad day and needs a lift, most collector car policies will cover the cost of a tow to the nearest repair shop qualified to work on your special ride. Not just any old tow truck, but a flat bed truck will be sent, so there's less chance your special ride will be damaged.

At Nevada Insurance Exchange, we know classic/collector cars because we have them ourselves. Call us today and let's talk cars!

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